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最近在看一本书,叫Rework,中文名字叫《重来》。书的副标题是change the way you work forever(“更为简单有效的商业思维”)。书由一家小型软件公司的创业者写就,讲述的是创业企业在各个发展阶段中应该具有的创新思维。 这本书号称是互联网创业者的必读书籍。书中充斥着许多与传统思维背道而驰的想法,朴素而有效。节选其中一个典型片段: “……For example, let’s say you think a task can be done in two hours. But four hours into it, you’re still only a quarter of the way done. The natural instinct is to think, ‘But I can’t give up now, I’ve already spent four hours on this!’